Our partners

Cloquet Center partners with several University of Minnesota units to conduct research and share expertise with the public.

Hubachek Wilderness Research Center & U of M Experimental Forests

CFC operations and research are tied closely to the Hubachek Wilderness Research Center. The CFC and HWRC share a director and some staff. The CFC, the HWRC, the Allred Trust, and the Boone Trust properties make up the entire network of experimental forests that the CFC team manages for the purposes of natural resources research and education. 

Sustainable Forests Education Cooperative (SFEC)

The SFEC is a UMN-based cooperative including 48 public agencies, private companies, and private agencies, organizations, tribal nations, and companies. SFEC events connect resource managers with researchers to advance solutions to complex resource challenges. Programs include short courses, field days, workshops, symposia, and online instruction. 

Minnesota Tree Improvement Cooperative (MTIC)

The MTIC has several members representing state departments, counties, tribal nations, and private industry. The cooperative establishes and maintains seed orchards that provide members with a genetically diverse, locally adapted, and improved seed supply for their reforestation efforts.  

College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences

The University of Minnesota’s College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resources Sciences (CFANS) is developing tomorrow’s leaders, creating science-based solutions to global challenges, growing Minnesota’s economy and extending our state’s global impact. CFC is one of 10 unique Research and Outreach Centers throughout the state led by CFANS.

Department of Forest Resources

The U of M Department of Forest Resources advances the science and management of forests and related natural resources by developing solutions to important problems affecting these resources, training the next generation of forest and natural resource scholars and practitioners, and informing the broad public on the economic and ecological importance of forests and natural resources and how they enrich our quality of life. The CFC engages undergraduate and graduate students from the department in experiential learning and research opportunities in our forests.

Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station

Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station (MAES) funds the research of University of Minnesota scientists to improve Minnesota's agricultural and forest products, horticultural crops, human nutrition, family and community life, and environmental quality. It supports both basic and applied research with practical goals for improving the lives of Minnesotans.


University of Minnesota Extension works in rural, suburban, urban and tribal communities and beyond to bring Minnesotans together to build a better future through University science-based knowledge, expertise and training.

The CFC is home to the U of M Cloquet Regional Extension office, which works with the local community. The work of the Sustainable Forests Education Cooperative is also supported in part by U of M Extension.