Research Features

These simple features are meant to provide an overview of the breadth of research projects that occur across our landbase. The goal is to offer a new feature every quarter.


White spruce cones hanging from tree branches

The highs and lows of cone production in white spruce

Jalene LaMontagne's lab at DePaul University is studying variation in white spruce cone production at the Cloquet Forestry Center.



five wolf pups on a mat with a researcher's body in the background

Learning from wolves

Mike Schrage, Wildlife Biologist for the Fond du Lac Band, describes current efforts to better understand wolf ecology on the Fond du Lac Reservation. The Otter Creek Pack at the Cloquet Forestry Center serves as a case study. Niganawaabamaanaanigingiw Ma'iinganag Wolf Monitoring on the Fond du Lac Reservation 


pile of dirt amidst newly planted trees with tractor in the background moving bags of biochar

Biochar: An Opportunity to Grow a More Resilient Forest?

Mat Lochner explains what biochar is and how it could be used to improve the productivity of Minnesota's forest lands. 



three researchers pulling samples out of logs

When Pine Beetles Meet

Zach Smith, a graduate student in the UMN Department of Entomology, describes his Master's research in Exploring ecological interactions between mountain pine beetle and Minnesota’s native bark beetles


wrinkle lichen on a branch

Exploring the Lichens and Mosses of Minnesota

Lichens and mosses and liverworts, oh my! Abby Glauser shares about a recent survey of lichens and bryophytes across Minnesota.