NASP13 Course Content

This is the list of pre-readings for NASP13. A link to the .pdf of each of the readings or link to the video is provided below. You are responsible for downloading and reading them before your arrival in Cloquet. Please bring the readings with you either digitally or on paper-- we will provide a binder large enough to organize them.

General Background Readings:

General Background Lecture Content:

Refer to the NASP YouTube playlist: Although some video content will be a review, we expect you to be familiar with it - in general, we will not cover this content again in class.

Week 1 Readings:

Monday July 22

    • Silvics and tree growth (Windmuller-Campione & Sagor):
      • Background reading and background lecture content as described above

    Tuesday July 23

    Wednesday July 24

    Thursday July 25

    Friday July 26

    Saturday July 27

      • All day integrated field trip: 
        • None

    Week 2 Readings:

    Monday July 29

    Tuesday July 30

    Wednesday July 31

      • All day integrated fieldtrip at the Marcell Experimental Forest
        • None

    Thursday August 1

    Friday August 2

      • Final exams and module wrap-up
        • None

    Additional Course Resources:

    Critique Assignment: