Forest regeneration

Allometric comparisons between gravel and sand nursery beds for white spruce and bur oak

The purpose is to compare differences in allometry (root to stem ratio) between seedlings sown in gravel vs sand after a summer in research beds.

Carrie Pike, UMN and MN Tree Improvement Cooperative

Jim Warren, UMN

Mike Reichenbach UMN Extension

Growth and survival comparison of seedlings grown in a gravel bed for three months and trees planted directly in the field

Project objectives are to evaluate height growth and survival of seedlings held for the growing season in a gravel bed and then planted in fall alongside seedlings planted in that spring.

Mike Reinikainen, UMN

Mike Reichenbach, UMN Extension

Carrie Pike, UMN and MN Tree Improvement

Comparing mechanical and herbicide release treatments in a red pine (Pinus resinosa) plantation

The objective of this study was to compare various methods for releasing red pine seedlings from woody competition (one-time mechanical, one-time glyphosate, and annual glyphosate treatment) and track growth and survival of red pine seedlings following treatment.

Anthony D’Amato, University of Vermont