Forest biomass in-woods drying and energy content testing

Findings will provide evidence about the benefits of in-woods drying in Minnesota, which is necessary for forest industry to pursue market innovations and to increase sustainability of wood energy production.

Dennis Becker, UMN Forest Resources
Steve Olson, Fond Du Lac Forestry
Brad Jones, Itasca Community College

Improved volume, biomass and carbon database for major U.S. tree species

The aim of this request is to identify and obtain legacy data (e.g., tree volume, weight, biomass) from past research at the Cloquet Forestry Center and surrounding areas of Minnesota or elsewhere in the Lake States.

Phil Radtke, Virginia Tech University
Jim Westfall, USDA Forest Service FIA
Grand Domke, USDA Forest Service FIA|
Aaron Weiskittel, University of Maine
Funding: USDA Forest Service, Northern Research Station

Agroforestry systems for biomass production and ecosystem services: a demonstration and research trial

Our goal is to increase awareness of agroforestry options using two alley cropping agroforestry systems to demonstrate how red pine-willow and hybrid poplar-willow can be used to produce biomass for energy and provide ecosystem services. 

Diomy Zamora, UMN Extension
Mike Reichenbach, UMN Extension
Funding: Renewable Resource Extension Act

Demonstrating the implementation of MN Site-level Guidelines for biomass harvest and slash retention in jack pine (Pinus banksiana)

The objectives of this demonstration were to demonstrate and quantify the effects of varying levels of biomass harvest and slash retention on the regeneration, nutrient dynamics, and productivity of jack pine forests.

Anthony D’Amato, University of Vermont