For more than a century, the Cloquet Forestry Center has contributed to sustainable forest management through research and development of new technologies and methods of establishing, tending, and regenerating northern forests.

Annually, we host and support researchers asking a variety of multi-disciplinary questions related to forest resources. Here are a few current examples:

b4warmed researchBoreal Forest Warming at an Ecotone in Danger (B4WARMED)
How will Minnesota’s tree species respond to a warming climate?

Adaptive Silviculture for Climate Change in Red Pine-Dominated Forests
What combination of forest harvest and tree species’ traits will facilitate transition, promote resistance and enhance resilience in a changing climate?

Long-term Effects of Jack Pine Biomass Harvest
What are the long-term effects of various levels of slash retention following biomass harvest on site-level productivity?

The 8th Measurement of CFC’s Continuous Forest Inventory
How does a 3,400-acre forest change over time and what are the drivers of change?

The Red Pine Seed-source Comparison Trial
Are there differences in growth and survival between improved and woods-run red pine seedlings?

Gravel Bed Seedling Growth Comparison Trial 
What are the growth and survival benefits of seasoning spruce and oak seedlings in a raised gravel bed prior to a fall planting?

If you are interested in initiating research at CFC, or have other questions related to research and support resources available to researchers, please contact the CFC Forest Manager or write us at