b4warmed research

For more than a century, the Cloquet Forestry Center has contributed to sustainable forest management through research and development of new technologies and methods of establishing, tending, and regenerating northern forests.

Annually, we host and support researchers asking a variety of multi-disciplinary questions related to forest resources. Here are a few current examples:

Boreal Forest Warming at an Ecotone in Danger (B4WARMED)
How will Minnesota’s tree species respond to a warming climate?

Fire history and age-structure of old growth red pine stands
What do crossdated surface fire records tell about fire as a historical ecosystem process in red pine forests?

Remote sensing of white spruce masting events
Can remote sensing techniques paired with landscape and climate metrics help explain the driving factors of white spruce cone production?

Impacts of biochar on summer survival and growth of jack pine seedlings
Does biochar soil amendment increase summer survival of jack pine on drought prone soils? 

How to propose a new project

If you are interested in initiating research at CFC or have other questions related to research and support resources available to researchers please review our project proposal page, contact the CFC Forest Manager, or write us at