CFC trails in winter

The Cloquet Forestry Center also allows some recreational uses Monday-Sunday, sunrise to sunset. All season on-trail foot and ski traffic now is allowed on designated trails. 

As the CFC is home to many long-term forest and wildlife research projects, off-trail traffic is prohibited. The collection of non-timber forest products is allowed but requires a permit and is restricted to predetermined areas. Contact the CFC Forest Manager at for details.  

Explore the Cloquet Forestry Center by downloading our brochure and overview map (PDF), a map of our walking trails (GeoPDF), or a winter recreation map (PDF). If you need more information on using GeoPDFs on your mobile device, visit this page on GeoPDF Maps developed by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

Permitted activities:

  • Walking, skiing, snowshoeing on forest roads
  • On-leash dog walking
  • Parking in main lot or shoulder of roads
  • Collecting or foraging with a permit

Prohibited activities:

  • Horse or motorized vehicle traffic
  • Hunting or possession of firearms
  • Blocking gates
  • Overnight parking
  • Camping, fires, and smoking