How to propose a project

If you are interested in pursuing a research, teaching, demonstration, or management projectplease download and complete the project proposal form. Submit the completed form to Kyle Gill.

The following principles guide the research that CFC personnel conduct with its managed land, equipment and labor.

  1. CFC land-both owned and rented-is to support University research faculty, staff and students.
  2. Investigators wanting to conduct research at the CFC must complete a project proposal form.
  3. The director of operations or the designated contact person will reply to the investigator's proposal, scheduling a time to discuss details of the proposal, including a forecasted cost of the research.
  4. Ultimate decisions on land use reside with the director of operations, in collaboration with deans and participating colleges.
  5. Assignment of all space is the responsibility of the Technical Core and their current lead; this is done under the direction of the director of operations. Space will be allocated on a yearly basis unless negotiated at the time of proposal submission.
  6. All users will pay those labor and supply costs accrued by the specific project as allowed for under the uniform Direct Charges System.
  7. All research projects will have a management plan on file with the CFC that lists those activities required for the project's success. The plan identifies tasks to be completed, resources needed for those tasks, and indicates who is responsible to complete each task; the latter is normally either the principle investigator or CFC center.
  8. Good communication is recognized as essential for management of the various project tasks. Responsibility for this resides with both project and CFC staff. If issues arise and cannot be resolved, those issues are forwarded to the research project lead and the CFC's director of operations.