treesActive forest management is critical to meeting all components of our mission. Forest management at CFC is guided by a 10-year Forest Management Plan with harvests that are carried out to meet research, education and outreach objectives. As an example, harvests scheduled in 2014 targeted high-risk sites, provided a demonstration of biomass harvesting in over-mature aspen-birch stands, and showed how to increase resilience to emerald ash borer in ash-dominated wet forests.

The CFC has reserved some 200 acres of designated old-growth in red pine, birch and cedar cover-types. Some of these unique stands contain fire-origin red pine cohorts approaching 200 years old with scattered red pine in excess of 300 years old. Additionally, there are numerous long-term research stands reserved from management activities.

Forest Management Plan 2016-2025

Report on 2016 forest harvest activities

Historical Management Plans: